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Callous Remover Foot Rasp

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Callous Remover Foot Rasp. Safely removes calluses, rough skin and corns. Ergonomically designed, durable construction, two-colored. Two sided callous rasp; coarse and fine. Can be used dry. Technologically advanced filing surface. Can be disinfected and washed off for hygienic reasons.

  • 80/120 Grit
  • 27cm
  • easy to use

High quality professional foot file for removing corn and callus
Made in France by Podorape – experts in footcare products
Durable filing surface ideal for very dry corns and calluses. It is double-sided: One side is very rough to remove severe calluses. The other side is slightly abrasive to smooth and soften the skin.
Foot file comes with generous size handle is very strong and offers great comfort to removes even very tough callus or smooth rough heels
Podorape pedicure files comes with special filling surface that is washable and can be disinfected with most common disinfectants.

Available in different colors.