How to order?

To order a product, it is necessary that you click on the one that interests you and the detailed description of a product will be shown as well as the option to order it. After choosing the desired quantities, click on the ‘Add to cart’ button situated in the bottom of each product. There are no limitations on how many products you can order and there is no minimum order quantity (you can order one item).

At any moment there is the possibility to view the order status, where you can review the quantity of ordered products, as well as the total amount of the order.

After the selection of all products you are interested in, press the ‘Finish and order’ button. Then you will have the ability to check and edit your details, if case of any changes (address where the products should be sent to, contact telephone number). Furthermore, you will be able to choose the delivery method, as well as the payment method.

Your order will then be automatically forwarded to our sales department who will contact you in a timely manner for confirmation of all details.

Payment method

Payment of goods is done in one of the following ways:

– Invoice through company account (for business entities).
– On delivery while receiving the goods from the courier service.

Delivery of goods

Delivery of products that you have ordered will be done in the shortest period possible via courier services: CityExpress. Prices and terms of delivery of the Courier service City Express can be viewed at the following link: