SLIM LINE has been founded as a beauty studio in the year 1990, in Novi Sad, as one of the pioneers in providing apparatus services in the domain of shaping of woman’s body. The spectrum of services has been so much enlarged in the meantime, that we may say that the entire offer cosmetic and other services of our company is now fully completed.

SLIM LINE Ltd. has been registered in 1995 as a company for international and foreign trade.The subject of our trade has comprised, and still does, the world recognized and famous trade marks, such as:

  • ERLINDA Solingen – Germany
  • BELLA Ltd. – Taiwan,

which make a solid foundation in the domain of artificial nails enhancement, manicure, pedicure, semi permanent and permanent makeup.

SLIM LINE Ltd. has enriched the offer of the sale products of the above listed manufacturers with its own production program. It includes the furniture for beauty studios, designed and constructed in the way that offers full satisfaction and comfort to the client, at the same time providing you full practicality in operation. The quality of this segment of our sale program can be fully affirmed by the fact of an increased demand for our products, both in the surrounding area and in the countries of the European Union. Its recognizable and award-winning PEDILINE and new WELLNESS line meets the standards of buyers from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and the surrounding countries.